19 March 2010

On Stuff

Now that the kitchen and dining room remodel is mostly done, I am left with the task of sorting the stuff to put back in the hutch, the portable island (that will serve as a buffet) and the nice large kitchen island (the other kitchen cabs are pretty well organized and filled now)
As I sort through the items laying on the table, and those stored in a large 'rubbermaid' type container in the family room (I haven't had the courage yet to get to the bunch of 'rubbermaid' type containers stored in the room recently vacated by my oldest son)...
and as I talk to my best friend (currently in the throes of moving) and my sibling (who will soon be doing the same), I moan---what WAS I thinking (referring, of course, to what exactly possessed me to buy 2 of the exact same marble rolling pins)???
Um. Where am I going to put all this stuff?

And then I give a silent TY to my former coworker who, years ago, changed my ideas about buying stuff...(and who BTW doesn't know she did this, because she was talking to someone else at the time. Conclusion: some conversations are meant to be heard by others.)
why didn't I hear this wisdom earlier in life?
And right on the heels of that thought (even though we have no debts and do have some savings & retirement)...
wow, I wonder how much more we would have in savings if I hadn't bought some of this stuff?
Just what was I thinking during my antique, oriental,
Nordic and rubber stamp collecting years?

But sometimes---occasionally---a very pleasant thought interrupts ALL that negativity about things of the past I can't change (OK more then occasionally since I really DO like most of my kitchen and dining room stuff and since I wasn't all bad with stewardship of our resources)
Hey, I'm really happy I get a chance to use these now!
(after unpacking 4 very PNW looking pottery soup mugs)
Wow, I STILL love these!
(on some very pretty stemware bought for our anniversary several years ago and a neat teakettle--1 of 2)
And then 'fear' hits me as I think
-- again --
where am I going to put all this?
Good thing my DH doesn't read my blog;
he wanted to put more cabinets in the kitchen and I said no. Silly woman that I am ---I was going for aesthetics not practicality and thought we would have enough room....
Sometimes wisdow comes with age :)
Blessings from the midst of my semi-organized house,
oriental umbrella
nordic door chime (sans the 'chime' parts which are -- hopefully -- packed somewhere)

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