02 January 2010

Blessings from above

Last year, I had a prayer request;
something very important...
and so I prayed.
And God answered my prayer totally and completely...
but He also gave me a desire of my heart before He did that.

A small desire---not earthshattering or anything monumental--but still something He knew would make His daughter's heart sing with happiness for a moment...or two.

And as I watched the blessing He gave me that day unfold, for a moment my problems seemed to melt away...
as I took delight in His gift--a most beautiful gift.
A special present only He could send.
And my heart was filled with joy
and my problems did seem lessened
at this perfect present from God;
not just because of the gift itself,
but because I knew God loves me-
and that is the greatest gift of all!
"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think...unto Him be glory" Ephesians 3:20a, 21b KJV
rhododendron-cream crest
viburnum-spinrg bouquet?

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