11 December 2009

Unclaimed property

So I am stuck tonight using my DH's PC till I get the part I need for mine--hence I am a bit without photographic resources at the moment; you'll just have to imagine a few nice photos of frozen ponds, a beautiful bouquet my Farmer Boy surprised me with tonight, pics of the new (working) range and upper cabinets (looking pretty organized) and pictures of a still somewhat chaotic mess here!!! Hope you all have good imaginations:)

Because I am without photos at the moment--thought I would make a public announcement here and this is it--

Did you know that states have websites in which you can search for unclaimed property? Well it's true--at least for Washington and Oregon--and having checked both of them it didn't take me long to come up with the names of businesses, friends and family that I was familiar with; the money owed them ranged from under $50 to over $100 and the sites clearly describe how to claim it. Check it out yourselves -- just 'google' unclaimed property and your state's name. BTW--the sites I searched were clearly government sites and appear to be totally legit; it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) I would make CERTAIN that you are dealing with a government website before giving any personal info out in this day and age!!!! Good luck!

From the land of the ice and snow (well maybe not the latter)....

Advent Blessings,


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