25 October 2009

Uniquely Autumn 2009

Before I get to the rest of the PNW Farm tour photos I thought I'd share with you some of the 'unique' findings in my garden this year. I've tried to be outside for at least a few moments each day - even on the wet ones - taking in the wonders of this autumn. Such BIG blessings these gifts from God!

Bleeding heart-still blooming. I believe is is the variety "spring magic". I am not sure what it was doing in spring this year but I can vouch for its summer and fall activities.
Ha! Another spring name--'spring bouquet' - a viburnum. Also confused as to the time of the year.
A lingonberry--some berries are close to being ripe, others less so
and then there are those 'spring' blossoms.

Our magnolia. Not too long ago--after the normal blossom date much, much earlier this year--it had at least one new blossom (probably more but they were up high) and now these buds/seed bracts???that I don't remember seeing before.
Our gunnera, AKA leaf collector by me, being normal. But because many consider it a unique plant I am including it here. Besides it is ULTRA cool!
After the rose blossom...I thought this uniquely beautiful!
A forsythia blossom--one of quite a few amidst the red leaves of autumn and the green leaves from summer. Another spring bloomer. You know I should tell you that my gardener friend and I speak in hushed tones about the microclimates we seem to have here in the garden :)
After blooming (bracts) so much of our summer, the dogwood is now preparing for another year's bracts---maybe at a more usual time.
And some of our kiwi. I am including it in this 'unique' autumn post for several reasons: first the yellow leaves behind it are from a white lilac and yet are other one shows no signs of changing leaves. Second, because when I visited a kiwi farm recently he thought it rather miraculous that I had any fruit considering (blush, blush) I had not pruned properly for---um--the entire time we have had the two kiwi vines. And lastly I include it because they are--mostly--still alive and thriving. Shock (I say shock because apparently they are supposed to be watered rather heavily and well...). I am sure you get the picture; these are truly blessings!
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Blessings on this Sunday afternoon.
Not included is a salal --another so called spring bloomer and of course our famous fruiting blueberry!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Your yard is beautiful, I would love to take a walk through it.

aimee said...

And I would LOVE to have you as a guest:)
Blessings to you & your family,

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