23 June 2009

In the Garden--For my little friend..

Hey there little friend!
I am Kevin Koi. Welcome to our garden again. I would show you around this time but I'm practicing my swimming right now so feel free to look around. You know the path; just stay on it and you'll be fine. Have fun and come see us again for dinner sometime! You did a GREAT job of feeding me and my family! We were really happy to see you!
This is Sammy's spiderweb. He is sunbathing right now so you probably shouldn't disturb him too much but it is OK to look at his web. There are a lot of spiders in the garden and they do hard work so Sammy deserves a little time in the sun! Your grandma really doesn't like them too much but I think she would like this web. What do you think?
Do you know what these are? Nope, they're not flowers, although they are very colorful like blossoms. They are seed pods; you can ask your grandmother what that means if you don't already know. Aren't they pretty?

Look below the other maple and you will see the baby ferns that were planted today. They are itsy bitsy and your grandma calls them steppable ferns. I think they are very cute; what do you think? I can hardly wait to see them growing all over under the tree; that will be very nice!

Hope you had a good time visiting! Maybe when you come again, you can eat some cherries or blueberries. What is your favorite fruit?
Talk to you later & thanks again for feeding me and my family!
Love, Kevin Koi and the other Koiettes.

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