31 May 2009

Frogs, Flowers & Blessings

I watch as a big green frog glides across the surface of one of our ponds, its cute 'froggie' legs spread out behind and under him. The sight is so adorable that I smile and then break out laughing!

A bird, no, two birds fly by me--one lands on some rocks along the water's edge not too far away and then takes off again. A large, beautiful blue dragonfly also flies by on his way to our other gardens. No way to capture any of these moments in film; they are just too fast for me!

Above me the sky is mostly clear except for some light clouds and the day is warm enough now for summer clothing; unusually so for the NW in May. It feels good at this moment but soon I will seek refuge in our air-conditioned home, a necessity because of my tendency to react to the heat.

In the gardens so much is blooming--deep purple irises, multi-colored miniature and the larger Tea roses, beautiful and very graceful pink, purple and white columbines, a white azalea and much, much more!

It feels really good and peaceful here in the garden this late Sunday morning and despite the pain I am feeling at the present time, I also feel a sense of happiness and serenity at being alive and here to enjoy the creations of God! And I remember that although pain and difficult challenges are a part of life in this world, so are the many blessings He gives His children.

Thank you, Lord.
Blessings, Aimee

One of our 3+ bullfrogs that often entertain us and visitors.

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