16 May 2009

A Walk in His Gardens--Foothills (& Mountains), Forests, Flowers

Shock! It has been more then a month since I posted a Walk in His Gardens bad blog owner that I am...

Well though I've been very neglectful here, I have made trips out in God's gardens (and of course spent a lot of time here at home in our little bit of His gardens). So how about --- forest flowers and such from a recent trip I took with a family member?

I love wildflowers! I'm not 100% sure about the flowers in the first photo, but the pink ones (second photo) are wild bleeding hearts. I have several other photos of them but liked this one the best because of the beautiful foliage. Green is so 'IN' -- in the NW!

In the same general area, midst the ferns and other forest foliage, was a native dogwood tree. You see lots of the 'cultivated' pink and mauve dogwood in towns and cities of the NW, but I am quite partial to our native, white dogwood.

This sight was pretty surprising! I wouldn't worry about our little feline friend though---I'm pretty sure he made it home that night as there were some homes we passed on the way up to this place.

A pretty waterfall on the hillside above the river. Lots of moss and ferns here. It is no wonder I like our native moss and ferns so well.

How can you not like that lush, beautiful green?

Mountains, a meadow and many trees:)
I can almost see my family in a little log cabin here with horses (of course), some little goats and/or sheep and ....my dogs!
Blessings, Aimee
mountain view
wildflowers,ferns, moss & other foliage native to the NW
another mountain view

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