01 May 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

I remember the day you and I first met -- it was a warm and sunny one.
My daughter, her kids and I had to travel a long ways to get you and we met in the parking lot of a shopping center.
You ran straight for me and from that moment my heart was intertwined with yours!
It was as if God had picked you out for me; you were SO very perfect in every way
(and I believe He did as I really prayed that we find the right dog for our home).
We drove home that day with you on my lap---you were (and still are) so cute and so very soft. I was caught up forever in 'puppy love'.
But we were not prepared yet at home so we had some shopping to do first.
The first store couldn't let me bring you in,
but the second not only let you come in but stayed open past closing so we could get everything you would need
(they have had our loyalty ever since because of that).
The days and months passed and my hubby fell hard under your 'puppy love' 'spell' too ....in fact we added to our puppy family a bit later, all because of you!

It has been some years now and you've been with us through them all. The hot summer days when you swam with your human dad in our pond, cold winter days when you and I would have fun out in the frozen landscape while others clung to their fires and heat inside and all the times in between! You've made some trips with us, helped dad with his cyber surfing and guarded us well without complaint. You always give us a warm welcome when we get home--especially your dad who you are totally crazy about.


Thank you for coming into my life and making it so much the sweeter and most of all--thank you God for this little creation of Yours. I am forever grateful!
Happy Birthday my puppy and...may we have many more years together!
Blessings, Aimee

Puppy time (a treat, Hey dad!)
Checking out my new siblings
Cyber dog (yes, he really did have it in his own head to get up there))
In the wintertime (2 different years)

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