19 February 2009

A Walk in His Gardens-The Rockies

Photos of my walk amidst emerging spring bulbs, fruit tree buds, Pieris blossoms and pussy willow catkins will have to wait. So, too, will photos planned to honor Oregon's 150th birthday celebration this past weekend -- so no pictures of the Astor Column, Young's Bay, Saddle Mountain and forests of the Astoria area either till later. Sorry Oregonians, I really do share your excitement, as a fellow Pac Northwesterner, for the 150 years of statehood...and I hold a very special spot in my heart for your awesome coastlines, mountain peaks and forests, your high deserts and beautiful river gorges...but...well blame it on an errand I took recently and my car radio being tuned to my hubby's favorite radio station instead of mine.

You see during that drive, I heard THAT song...and my heart was immediately transported away--to "better days", to a "sweet escape", to my hideaway--Colorado (not that these days are bad, or ugly or that I am in need of an escape; and not that the lyrics all apply to me--because they don't. It's just that I was in Colorado when that song was playing a lot on the radio and since then hearing it immediately sends me back--in spirit if not body-- to those times in the beaufiful SW!)
So since I've already had my sweet escape for the week, here for your enjoyment is a Walk in His Gardens of Colorado.

Coming in from a very, very long drive in Wyoming, heading towards Denver, you catch your first view of the lofty, snow capped Rocky Mountains. To the west would be the Rocky Mt National Park and Estes Park (map link here). Many good memories of Estes Park where the sun can shine, thunder can roll, hail can fall--all in a few minutes time--and the wonderful mountain scenery there!! And then there is the Stanley Hotel, the town, the drive UP from Loveland, the ....well a lot of good memories about Estes Park.

NW of Denver would be Boulder--home to Celestial Seasonings Teas (yes I know all about the 'red' door room!LOL), Leanin' Tree (beautiful western oriented museum and shop there), the most majestic Flatirons & Chautauqua, and the Dushanbe Teahouse (home of well---food!) Then there are the areas UP and via a whole bunch of switchbacks from Boulder, like Gold Hill. But we'll stay in Boulder on flatter ground for right now---you know oldies like me -- Mork & Mindy's house is in Boulder. I've seen it and even have a photo of it somewhere! I've spent many good times in Boulder, in snow, sunshine and during a t-storm. Have I told you that Colorado knows how to put on a GOOD thunderstorm?? We saw a LOT there but filming it is another matter. I finally got a video or two of one, but I 'think' someone I know real well has forbidden me to post it here. And I am a good girl:) Maybe!

At the Teahouse. I won't torture you with all the photos of the Gingerbread Cake made with tea or the shish-ka-bob. No I am a GOOD girl so none of that (unless you ask of course!) The decor was unbelievable and I loved my food! (link above has more photos of the building)

More Boulder photos later...
But now we move southward, hopefully NOT through Denver's rush hour traffic (imagine the worst traffic jam you have ever been in and then double that), to Colorado Springs--home of the Cheyenne Mt Zoo, the Air Force Academy (awe inspiring chapel), Glenn Eyrie and so much more!
Apology going out to any Denverites here--it's just we got caught in the world's worst jam there due to rush hour traffic and road work. Not a good time for me:(

Above Colorado Springs' Broadmoor Hotel, on Cheyenne Mt, is the zoo and a really great view of the city below. Have I said yet that the Rocky Mt states have the most awesome light? It is just so totally different there--I especially loved the sunrises as the sun rose over the east plateau and hit the mountains and rock formations in the Garden of the Gods.

Speaking of the Garden: a Walk in the 'Garden of my God', AKA Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs and more Colorado photos coming soon.

Blessings from Colorado on my mind, Aimee
THAT Song: A Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield (one of my friend's SPECIAL songs)
Photos: as identified on photo. Taken spring/summer 2008 during a really, really long trip to the Rockies and other places.

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