01 January 2009

As the Blank Pages of a Journal Are

Aimee sat with the new journal in her lap, its pages blank and not filled in yet with the record that would be. It was dawn and as she watched, the light from the sun came over the mountains and dispelled the darkness that was the night -- the nightime that had stood between the old but which had also given birth to the new. The first day of the New Year had begun.

Trees stood bare in the countryside, surrounded by tall bushes and taller yet rock formations and mountains. They awaited the coming of their leaves which would herald in the springtime--but that would not be for several months more--for the season of snow, rain and cold still held court in the lands of the NW.

Aimee looked down again at the book which lay in her lap--there were pages to write in this new chapter of her life, before she placed this book too on the shelf with the others of times gone by--the journals of her childhood and youth; many of motherhood and more recently those of being a grandmother.
So as a new day and New Year began, Aimee picked up her pen and started to write...
A New Year, like a new journal, has a beautiful cover. You can't see it's length--nor the stories in it--and yet it is full of promise for this journal will hold stories of the priceless gift that is your life.

As you open it and turn to that first page, you can turn the page on things of the past too--of hurts, fears and mistakes made. They belong to your past and you will always remember them, but this is a new chapter in your story and you can use these painful times and memories to learn from --- and go on.

Make this year the best yet--strive to fill each page with beautiful stories of love, joy and peace. Stories that will be remembered by others who are just starting their own books or have just a few chapters completed. And remember, this journal will be your legacy. so make it a good one!

Happy New Year from the mountainside.
Blessings, Aimee

Photo: Columbia River Gorge area

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