10 December 2008

Thinking Nordic..

At this time of year, I always start thinking of the Nordic countries. I guess it's just that whole mountain, snow, skiing, tree, reindeer, stave churches, candle, cookie thing! (Well honestly I think about the Nordic countries all year long but especially at Christmas & Advent).

In keeping with the Nordic Christmas/Advent theme, I've been researching such sublime treats as Goro cookie/crackers, lefse, aebleskivers, Swedish jelly cookies, etc, etc. After days of doing such 'heavy' reading, I can hardly wait to start baking and eating --especially since I only have till Jan 1 or 2 before I convert from my carbo-loving ways to my 'be good' ways. Hopefully convert that is...

There were, thankfully, a lot of good blogs/websites to be found that specialize in Scandinavian cooking--some of them are written by natives to the Nordic countries! Problem though--some of the recipes will not pass my 'husband test' even though they sound intriguing to me. But there are a lot that I think he might fancy (despite his propensity for being a meat and potato m'am person)Well drop the m'am part!

Here are a few of the sites I found. I'm especially interested in trying the Goro cookie/cracker and lefse. Lefse I've had before, but I have never tried a Goro cracker/ cookie--although they remind me a bit of Krumkake though not cone shaped like them. The photo I found is beautiful--I love it when food is pleasing to the eye and the mouth!

Have I told you how much I love food???

Scandinavian food/blog/forum
Norwegian Christmas site
Sons of Norway site
Christmas cookies
More recipes

Blessed Advent everyone!


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