02 March 2019

A New Beginning: Part III

Another week has passed by, and I find myself feeling a bit better having gotten a taste of spring while exploring a new locale in the valley that family had told me about. The lovely blue skies and a bit warmer temp definitely helped raise my spirits!
Meanwhile, while we are waiting for spring to really arrive, I want to share some more winter photos from the past few years...

A bit of snow on the hillsides and trees. 
It has been an interesting winter for sure!

Christmas decor in Taft (one of the cities that make up Lincoln City). 

King Tide at Bayview. 
King Tides in Oregon take place in the winter months and are very high tides. 
(link below has more info)

This VW Bug is often decorated on the different holidays. 
I always look forward to seeing how the residents decorate it!

No parking at the RV park in Clackamette Park. 
Interesting to take photos of though. 

Each year we leave some fruit on our trees, bushes and vines. Who would have thought that robins would like kiwi? But they did and were pretty energized feasting on the hanging and fallen fruit

King Tide at one of the day areas at Barview County Park. The tide was so high it covered much of this area. 

Well, that's it for this week. 
Wishing you a new week of peace,  joy and love. 



1 comment:

ellen b. said...

I love beaches in winter. It would be great to see a King tide! Hope you are having a good week.

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